Wedding Dresses

Protect your most beautiful dress symbolizing the biggest day of your life.  Martinizing Dry Cleaning’s bridal gown service includes professional cleaning with our GreenEarth cleaning system, which is very gentle on all fabrics.  This is especially important with the delicate nature of most bridal gowns.  To ensure safe storage, a special bridal chest is used with acid-free packaging to maintain these delicate fabrics.  Each gown receives a careful pre-cleaning inspection for stains, abrasions, fabric wears, missing sequins or beads and soiled hemlines.  Martinizing Dry Cleaning is able to accommodate any repairs that may be necessary.  Our skilled specialists clean your gown with the gentlest process available in the industry and then hand finish every detail.  We package your gown in a specially designed bridal box, protecting it from the elements of time.