Stain Emergency Basics

Clothing Stains

Stain Emergency Basics
Knowing stain-survival secrets and “what not to do” is just as important as knowing “what to do!” Dry clean-only clothing requires different care than washable clothing, as do the stains that we spill on them. Here’s some basic first aid that will not make matters worse, ruin your clothing, or compromise what we will do next to restore your clothing. Below are a few definitions and tips to help you with your wardrobe.

When You Have a Stain Emergency:
Resist advice from well-meaning hosts and friends. People are very quick to offer help in these awkward situations, but you are the best and most qualified person to handle this.

First, count to ten, relax, and do not apply water or club soda until you know if the stain is water-based or oily!

Think of water and club soda as the same, and never apply them to oily stains, lipstick & ink stains. (Especially on dry clean-only fabrics.)
Gently blot the stained area with a dry, white napkin and stop.
Water can spread stains, bleed dyes and ruin silk – and other dry clean-only fabrics – making future removal or restoration by your drycleaner an impossible task!

Try to dry clean all stained clothing within 24-48 hours and always point out the stains. Time and heat can set stains, so take care not to leave your soiled garments in hot cars before taking them to be cleaned.
If the garment is washable, and the stain has no oil in it, you have our blessing to use water or club soda – in small amounts!
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