The richness of quality leather is worth preserving.  We send leather jackets and coats to our leather specialist.  Many cleaners attempt to do the items themselves.  However, they simply do not have the equipment to preserve and clean the leather in the proper manner.  This results in drying the leather out which shortens the lifetime of your leather garment.

I recommend not cleaning suede items.  Suede is made from pigskin and is very challenging to handle due to the extreme irregularities of the skin quality.  For starters, it is very difficult to remove stains fully from suede.  An additional challenge exists in that any dyed suede will most likely look slightly different than it did before cleaning.  Over time, suede will dry out and if you are simply looking to maintain the supple nature of your jacket or coat and understand that there may be issues with slight color changes, it is reasonable to clean your suede item to maintain the feel of the leather.