Q: What is professional clothes cleaning?

A: There is a lot more to professional cleaning than most people expect.  We employ a number of cleaning and finishing techniques to give your garments a “like new” appearance.  Professional cleaning includes both dry cleaning and laundering.

Q: What is dry cleaning?

A: Dry cleaning uses a fluid and detergent to remove soils and stains from fabric.  The term “dry cleaning”  is often confusing because although a fluid is used, it does not contain water, which is where the term “dry” comes in.  In our process, this fluid is a liquid silicone used in thousands of personal care items such as shampoo, cosmetics, deodorants, etc.

Q: What is laundering?

A: Specially designed detergents, additives and finishes set commercial laundry apart from home laundering.  By request, starch is added to the rinse cycle so the entire garment receives the treatment.  Laundered items are still damp when pressed.  Shirts use a series of presses that dry the garment during the process, which produce the crisp finish unachievable with at-home laundry.

Q: Does frequent dry cleaning shorten the life of a garment?

A: On the contrary, frequent cleaning extends the life of garments.  Ground in soils act as an abrasive, like sandpaper, causing rapid wear of fibers.  Although less common in Colorado, insects can be attracted to soiled clothing causing additional damage.

Additionally, GreenEarth is less aggressive with the fibers that make up fabrics than traditional cleaning methods.  This is because the liquid silicone is chemically inert with a very low surface tension.  This means it doesn’t swell the fabrics during the cleaning process, which can cause wear and tear during cleaning.

Q: When a garment label says “washable”  does that mean it cannot be dry cleaned?

A: Not necessarily.  The Care Label rules simply state that one suitable method of cleaning must be listed on the label.  Cleaners usually follow the care instructions listed, unless a stain can only be removed with another method of cleaning.  However, we would ask for specific permission in this unusual circumstance.

Q: Are leather items cleaned in the same way as other fabrics.

A: No.  Special procedures and additives are used on leathers to maintain their color and texture.

Q: Does dry cleaning shrink clothes?

A: No. The dry cleaning process is carefully controlled by professional cleaners.  Excessive shrinkage of a garment is generally caused by improper fabric pre-shrinkage during the manufacturing process.

Q: Can I remove the stain at home?

A: While a select group of stains can be effectively removed at home, it is much more common for the stain to be set in by the at-home removal attempt.  We recommend bringing your stained garment to the cleaner as quickly as possible for the best chance at fully removing the stain.  You are better off doing nothing at all to the stain.

Q: Is my garment ruined?

A: I spilled spaghetti  on my blouse during lunch and had to go directly back to work, what should I do?  When you put water on a napkin and rub, you are roughing up the fabric and making it more difficult to remove the stain.  We recommend lightly blotting the excess from the stain and bringing the garment in as soon as possible.