Is our curbside pickup really free?

I’m feeling good today. I’ve decided to add a blog to our website to distribute what many of my friends call my complete mastery of useless information. Ha
It’s tough because now I’m basically promising to update this space regularly. Oh no.
I have bucket loads to do and often wonder which project I should tackle next.
I’ve learned that everyone loves convenience. We strive to be friendly with good quality and a great experience every time people are in the store. However, I often think that convenience is the real reason most of our customers visit us.
For that reason, here are two of the things that are in the hopper:
1. Curb-side pick-up: If you call ahead, we’ll bring your clothes to your car. I think this would be great for all the families with small kids or for anyone having a hard time getting around.
2. Free next-day home delivery: This has been going on for a while, but we’re working on ways to improve this service too.
I’m wondering if a brochure about the free pick-up and next-day delivery would help. These are things I thought would be good, but I shouldn’t say.
“Yes, it’s really free. Just put your stuff in a bag and we’ll bring it back cleaned and pressed better than anyone else”
“Yes, we have 1 million locations… it’s your front door”
“Hey, it’s the same cost, it’s just at your front door… just do it already!”
“Martinizing Dry Cleaning has saved 100’s of marriages with our delivery service.”
“Are you kidding me, you’re still driving to the cleaner to pick up your stuff?”
Hmmm. Maybe it should be just slightly more professional than that. I don’t know. :)